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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



Our act is completely modular, and can easily be designed for any setting.  However, this is not just a matter of selecting a number of players ... We have specific drum routines, specifically written for certain numbers of players, from 2 players right up to 12.   For large events or settings, we have the resources (musically and personnel-wise) to cater for more than 12 players ... This generally involves one of our larger pieces being tailored for the specified number of players, and possibly being re-choreographed to deliver a fully polished performance.

We also have the musical and theatrical experience to belong, and work very well in a variety of settings:

TELEVISION:   We recently appeared as extras in 3 episodes of the new TV Series 'CAMELOT', for US Network TV,   performing as manic crazy drummers at wild banquets ... dressed in period costume, and 'roughed up'.

MUSIC VIDEO:   In 2010, we featured in CELTIC WOMAN's Emmy-Nominated "Songs from the Heart" Music DVD, which has since achieved multiplatinum status in several countries around the world, including the USA, in which it has become a blockbuster for PBS Television. 

STAGE DRUMMERS:     Perfect for a major artist with a spectacular stage show to feature as a major routine in a song or section of a live stage show.

ADVERTISING:   An advert featuring EXTREME RHYTHM has yet to happen - if and when it does, and they capture us in the right way - the whole country will be talking about this advert!  If you're in advertising and reading this right now - Don't let this one pass you by!!  Contact us, make it happen, and sit back and wait for your bonus!!!

COLLABORATIONS:   In our years of performing, we have forged links with the very best in the business - sound and lighting companies, musicians, producers, choreographers, dancers (all styles), circus performers, fire artists, stilt walkers, inflatibles, etc...   We can work with any of these people or teams to create incredible collaborations ... just contact us and tell us what you need.


... AND THE LIST GOES ON ... Whatever the setting, broaden your horizons, use your mind's eye to picture us there, then pick up the phone and make the call ... our creative team will take your idea, and come back with variations on it ... the sky IS really the limit.