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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



“I’ve written this show WHILE on tour around the world with some very fine international acts, over a period of years.  This has made my research SO interesting, and so relevant.  Seeing connections, observing common responses to certain things … common responses between cultures SO far apart from each other, and between countries on opposite sides of the WORLD!

I’ve been lucky enough to perform to audiences in such amazing settings, and carry those experiences forward with me … for example, I’ve walked offstage in such famous venues as Carnegie Hall, and Radio City Music Hall, and gone STRAIGHT to my hotel room, or tour bus, to get stuck into 8 hours of work.  That 8 hours could be spent deliberating over the difference between 2 seconds or 3 seconds of silence at some point during this show .. and the HUGE difference that second could make to the audience’s overall experience.   To walk off such famous stages straight into work on my own show, I feel, has brought something very special to the writing, and can only have served to ‘up’ my game!

We do this because we have to – it’s a very ‘PRIMAL’ thing.  People talk about money, power, material … they don’t talk about Energy, Passion, Aggression, - which ironically have so much bearing on the others, and even more bearing on all of our lives.    Yes, it’s ok to say the word ‘aggression’ … Looking at what we do onstage, without a little of it, all would be lost!

Onstage with Extreme Rhythm – you know, we’ve found a way to channel these things, to LET THEM LOOSE, in such a way that brings pleasure to ourselves AND others.  It’s a fantastic feeling … a release that everybody should have, and everybody CAN have.  Just embrace the rhythm, and let go.  Things will happen.