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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



The music suddenly winds down, and EXTREME RHYTHM's introduction track booms out through the PA.  Anything from 4 to 8 guys, topless, body painted with tribal designs and in great physical shape, take their place on the dance floor.   Serious drums, some very large, some smaller, all extremely loud, with even more serious looking guys standing in formation behind them.

The intro track ends.  For a few seconds there is silence.  The sheer WALL OF SOUND that follows, takes everybody by surprise.  The intensity and pure brute force of the assault delivered to the drums in the performance that follows, gathers the club-goers onto the dance floor, speechless at first, until our opening dance beat kicks in, then it's absolute wild abandon for everyone, male and female alike.  

The vibe is incredible between performers and audience, we're so close they can almost touch us - it's intimate yet dangerous - to them it feels like looking at caged animals from the safety of the other side of the bars.  They're dancing, cheering, not wanting us to stop ... but when the end is coming, they know it .. its getting harder, if that was possible, and faster, ever faster ... when it finally ends with a thunderous bang, the DJ is cued to kick back in immediately, the transition is seamless, and the Buzz is on in the club.

Later, 2 or 3 of us will join with the DJ, at various points in the club, jamming along with his tunes, making shapes, dishing out good vibes wherever we go ... we use our own in-ear transmitters and receivers, so audio is never an issue.

1:30am, and it's time for our last set ... the DJ announces it 5 minutes in advance this time, and they descend upon the dance floor, anyone who missed it the last time won't miss it this time ... 

This final set is seriously heavy, but extremely 'dance-able' from the very first beat, and won't last long enough for them .. afterwards they'll say it was never 10 minutes, more like 2 or 3 ... we'll hang out, take pics with those who want them, and finally disappear - the DJ will remind them once more, that we were EXTREME RHYTHM.

And the next time EXTREME RHYTHM are advertised in your club - they'll be WAITING for the doors to open!