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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



This show explores something very deep within us all … it’s not a performance of musical pieces to an assembled audience; It’s a JOURNEY, which the performers and audience embark on together, each night.

The amount of work that has gone into writing the ‘PRIMAL’ show is just HUGE.  Hundreds of hours of writing, jamming, and researching … THOUSANDS of hours of OBSERVING.  Observing People.  Their responses.  How do you draw somebody so far into a rhythm that they lose themselves .. and how does that person respond when you stop?  When you get louder, softer, faster, slower?

What’s the difference between the audience who applaud at the end of a performance and casually walk out of the auditorium, and the audience who are still buzzed from the performance on their way home, maybe even the following day?   Our belief is that ONE second of silence, of acceleration, of darkness, … can make this difference.

Silence is SO important in our lives … silence, stillness, rest.   We cannot survive without sleep – the silent beat in our body’s daily rhythm.  Silence makes up more than half of the rhythm.  Listen to your heartbeat – essentially the sound of the rhythm that keeps you alive – the sound of your heart beating is only HALF of that rhythm.  The other half is made up of SILENCE.

We have spent a lot of time exploring this silence, and it’s very apparent in the  ‘PRIMAL’ theatre experience.  There are moments where the rhythms are so powerful and intense that they completely consume you … and there are moments in the show where the audience have to literally strain their ears to hear the sounds being made.