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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



PRIMAL – The Show – explores how Rhythm is part of our very being.  Rhythm is universal .. in a world divided by borders, currencies, laws and religions, it is a part of us which can never be tainted by external, social or political factors.  Everything we do has a rhythm of its own … Our Heartbeat;  Our Breath; Hunger; Sleep … are the RHYTHMS of our very being.

The Show fuses rhythms and sounds from all over the world into a rhythmic and musical journey, using narratives and strong visual stimuli, to create a two hour ‘journey’ for the audience.

Featuring 10 percussionists, 3 dancers, and 4 musicians, this is a super-strong line up of some very accomplished performers, all coming together to perform the collaborative work which is “PRIMAL”

A lot of the compositions have sprung from real life experiences, cultures, people, ‘moments’.  Inspiration mostly drawn from those magical experiences when musicians set themsemselves free, their imaginations free, in a room together, just to see what will happen.  With this freedom comes magic, and inspiration, and RESPONSE.  Because the composed work itself IS simply, a response.


AUDIENCE RESPONSE .. by composer Nick Bailey

“The response has been just amazing – audience feedback has been incredible, and will form the basis for the next leg of our ‘journey’.   People have described the show as something that was able to take over their senses so much, that they felt the rhythm was like a power over them … one minute it gives them so much, then there is silence, and it takes everything away from them ….

You know, reports from people – complete strangers … found themselves almost overcome with emotion during the performance, after the performance, some even the following day.  This to me is HUGE – the rhythms I write, which we perform with such intensity, ARE reaching into people, and releasing this wonderful energy …”