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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



'PRIMAL' in a theatre setting ... is a wonderfully entertaining show, for a very wide ranging audience, of all age groups, from 9 to 90, and for a huge variety of music fans. 

Written by Nick Bailey, who has spent most of his professional life working in theatres, from the smallest community theatres, to the most prestigious ones, such as Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, The Royal Albert Hall ... Nick has worked in them all, and enjoys a thorough understanding of theatre and theatre audiences - he has now brought this wealth of experience to the theatre setting of 'PRIMAL' the show.

The theatre show features 10 percussionists, 3 dancers, and 4 musicians, as well as audio voiceover cues, and (optional) audio-visual content.  It is a full multimedia presentation, which makes the 'PRIMAL' theme really come alive within the confines of the theatre from the very first note played, and the very first narrative ...  The audience are drawn into the show before a single musician appears onstage.

During the course of the show, there are highs and lows.  There are moments where the impact of the larger drums are almost (but never) deafening, yet just moments later the audience will find themselves straining their ears to hear the sounds being made onstage.  The huge amount of variety in the show keeps the audience from ever 'settling' - they follow the journey every step of the way, and experience a wide range of emotions, invoked sometimes by the music, the drama or the comedy, and sometimes simply by the sight of that 'lone drummer' which history has taught us to associate with such feelings of pride, stoicism, and anticipation.


'PRIMAL' is so-named because it reaches out to the audience, and connects with the primal rhythms and instincts within us all.  Audience members who have given feedback on PRIMAL so far, have almost all drawn attention to how their emotions ran high during the performance, and some have gone so far as to make contact with Extreme Rhythm in the weeks after the performance, to let us know how they found themselves feeling strangely 'uplifted' by the whole experience in the days after the performance ...