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Tom Bates discusses his preparation for the world premiere of PRIMAL



In the words of Archilocus, "We have a high art"

We aspire towards perfection in our work; our music, costuming, choreography, stagecraft, every aspect of our performance is scrutinised on a daily basis by our very worst critic - ourselves!  

We consider ourselves to be entertainers of the highest quality, with a world-class stage show which saw its debut performance in early 2011, and is now ready to be performed on the finest stages and at the top festivals worldwide.

Our music incorporates rhythms and sounds from many cultures around the world, and combines several ... some of the music in our show merges Celtic rhythms with Japanese Taiko rhythms and sticking, and the result is an immediately infectious rhythm, that audiences simply cannot resist,  combined with the thunderous impact and stunning 'sticking' associated with Japanese Taiko ...

Our full length stage show also features an element of dance - very 'gritty' and 'hard' tap, and an absolutely 'kicking' band of musicians.  Huge variety, intensity, fun, and magic, all bound into an unforgettable 2 hour experience.

Our pure EXTREME RHYTHM percussion experience - that's something different!  The sheer power of up to 10 percussionists - this is High Impact entertainment at its best!  There is NO wow factor like the EXTREME RHYTHM experience!   Pure power, aggression, adrenaline, played with precision, and staged with absolute perfection.


It's very easy to describe a performance such as this in simple text ... take a look at our Movie Trailer to see some action from our live stage shows first hand :-)